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Virtual Privacy Office

As your data collection and processing activities change, Achieved Compliance helps you stay compliant.
Our virtual privacy office monitors your compliance with data protection privacy law.

successful GDPR representatives

At first glance, GDPR compliance can be daunting. With Achieved Compliance Virtual Privacy Office, you will function strategically and with assurance while we take on compliance tasks for you.

How our Virtual Privacy Office supports you:

With Achieved Compliance’s Virtual Privacy Office, you will function strategically and with assurance. Our team will work carefully with you to develop a clear action plan that addresses your short-term and long-term needs.

Keeps you and your employees informed about your data protection obligations

Provides advice about privacy impact assessments: Whether you need one, how to conduct one, and how to interpret assessment outcomes

Educates your employees about their responsibility for safe, lawful use of data

Serves as point of contact with the public

Serves as point of contact for all consultations with data protection authorities – including in case of data breach

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