I admit that, for many years I’d been skeptical about privacy and data protection regulation as too prescriptive and intrusive – as making too many demands on those who don’t have the benefit of extensive compliance staffs and well-funded resources. But after working with clients – companies like yours – I now am convinced that data protection and responsible data management are critical not only to legal compliance, but to business success.

I believe that companies that take the steps necessary to meet the requirements of regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the expectations of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, or agreements like the Privacy Shield do more than comply – they position themselves to compete in a market fueled by data. By putting in place programs and policies they are better able to make optimal use of new technologies and data processing capabilities. Companies that take these measures distinguish themselves in the marketplace as ready for business opportunities that involve data collection and processing — because they have taken the steps necessary to manage and process data responsibly. They enjoy a competitive advantage when potential business partners and clients demand assurances that data protection requirements in law, regulation and commitments to customers can be met.

Data protection and data management requires time and resources. That’s why I developed our solution, PrivacyMinder™,  tailored for companies like your’s that do not have the luxury of a dedicated data protection officer or a large legal budget.

PrivacyMinder™,  brings together the convenience of an online, cloud-based software platform and decades of experience in client counseling to help clients conduct the kind of review necessary to establish good data governance. In doing so, PrivacyMinder™ helps companies arrive at privacy outcomes that meet regulatory requirements, provide consumers with effective protections, and stay competitive in the marketplace.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll have more to say about data management and legal requirements, and how Achieved Compliance can help your company. I hope you’ll visit this site again to learn more.


Achieved Compliance – helping you navigate the complex world of data compliance.

Through its software guided review and remediation process, education tools and representation services, Achieved Compliance makes it possible for companies to take all the steps needed for meaningful compliance that meets regulators’ expectations.

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