UK Authority Warns Small Companies: “Data Protection Laws Apply to You” Fining an SME £60,000 for Failing To Take Basic Steps

The UK Information Commissioner’s Office sent a clear signal last month that it is paying close attention to the data protection measures taken by small and medium sized companies. In a statement published June 27, 2017 titled “Warning to SMEs as firm hit by cyber attack fined £60,000” (i.e. about $80,000 U.S.), the ICO announced an action against Boomerang Video, a small Internet company based in Berkshire, England, for failure to take appropriate steps to secure customer information. ICO enforcement manager, Anne Poole said: “Regardless of your size, if you are a business that handles personal information then data protection laws apply to you.  “If a company is subject to…


You Are Making Promises in Your Privacy Policy – False or Misleading Statements Can Lead to the Payment of Damages

A new privacy law signed last month is a reminder that data protection and privacy are not just issues for companies who must comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In the United States, regulators at the state level are turning their attention to companies who collect and use personal information – and they are putting in place their own rules about how it should be protected and managed responsibly. A newly signed Oregon law is an example of how states are moving towards interpreting unfair competition laws to cover statements make in a privacy policy. This trend has been seen in many states. California, Connecticut,…


The Genesis for Achieved Compliance & PrivacyMinder™

I admit that, for many years I’d been skeptical about privacy and data protection regulation as too prescriptive and intrusive – as making too many demands on those who don’t have the benefit of extensive compliance staffs and well-funded resources. But after working with clients – companies like yours – I now am convinced that data protection and responsible data management are critical not only to legal compliance, but to business success. I believe that companies that take the steps necessary to meet the requirements of regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the expectations of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, or agreements like the Privacy Shield…


Non-Compliance with EU Law Is Still Not an Option

U.S companies hoping to avoid compliance with the requirements of EU law may want to think twice. It’s really time to get on with it. Despite early rhetoric from the Trump Administration, discussions between the U.S. Department of Commerce and the EU Commission last week indicate that the best course for businesses involving data about EU citizens is to take the steps necessary to comply. U.S. officials sent a clear message that they stand behind the commitments of their predecessors to promote compliance by U.S. businesses, at least with respect to the Privacy Shield. This likely reflects a broader U.S. government position that is pro-compliance. EU Justice Commissioner…

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