Should your business appoint a DPO under the GDPR?

At first glance, GDPR compliance can be daunting. With Achieved Compliance’s Virtual DPO, you will function strategically with assurance. Our team will work carefully with you to develop a clear action plan that addresses your short-term and long-term needs.

Keeps you and your employees informed of your obligations under the GDPR

The GDPR is a complex regulation that affects all aspects of your organizations. As your virtual DPO, Achieved Compliance keeps you current about what you need to do to comply.

Provides advice about whether privacy impact assessments are necessary, and how to conduct one, and how to interpret their outcomes

If you are considering collecting new data or using a new technology, you may need to carry out a privacy impact assessment. Achieved Compliance can help you determine when a PIA is required, how to conduct the process, and how to interpret and respond to the results.

Educates your employees about its responsibility for safe, lawful use of data

Compliance with GDPR is not a one-time occurrence. Achieved Compliance provides the tools you need to make sure that as your data collection and processing activities change, you stay compliant.

Serves as your point of contact with the public

Achieved Compliance can help you respond to individual’s requests to have concerns addressed or questions answered. When an individual calls you to have a privacy violation addressed or to obtain access data about them (as provided for by the GDPR), we can serve as point-of-contact.

Serves as the point of contact for all consultations with data protection authorities – including in case of data breach

If you are approached by a regulator, you want the best expertise possible. As your virtual DPO, Achieved Compliance brings deep experience in technology, law and policy to support your discussions with regulators.

Educates your employees about Their responsibility for safe, lawful use of data

Successful compliance with GDPR depends on an informed workforce. Achieved Compliance provides you with the education and awareness tools you need to promote privacy-responsible practices across your organization.


If you have not already taken steps to be GDPR compliant, then you need to act now.

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