The Achieved Compliance cloud-based solution brings your company into compliance, and makes your business privacy smart. You benefit from our practical approach based on over 20 years of client counseling and international data policy expertise. We provide you with the power, knowledge, and processes to achieve compliance with your existing team.

The PrivacyMinder® process is based on concepts of Agile software development – a collaborative, iterative, cross-departmental process facilitated by automation. PrivacyMinder® provides a structure of roles, discovery modules, reports, meeting rules, agendas, and a feed-back mechanism for use in fixed-length cycles called PrivacyMinder Sprints.® These cycles help you organize and measure compliance progress according to your objectives and within the confines of your budget and resources.

With PrivacyMinder® you’ll build a data compliance program and achieve excellent privacy outcomes without measuring your business against static metrics.

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