I am pleased to announce the launch of PrivacyMinder™, a new tool Sequel Technology & IP Law is offering to help you comply with data protection laws. PrivacyMinder brings together our deep experience in client counseling with the benefits of easy-to-use technology, a suite of educational videos, and a robust template database. PrivacyMinder is specially designed to meet the needs of companies that do not have the benefit of a compliance staff or legal counsel skilled in this area.

PrivacyMinder was originally designed to assist companies in meeting the requirements of new laws like the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. But it does more: PrivacyMinder helps you understand your internal data practices and build a data management program that ensures data is used and shared responsibly. PrivacyMinder will position you as a company that consumers and business partners can trust, and establishes the business as ready for new opportunities in the global market.

We are looking to fully launch PrivacyMinder at the end of the summer. In the meantime, we are currently seeking some founding clients who are willing to give us critical feedback and enjoy the advantage of the finishing touches being customized to your own needs and preferences. Please contact me if you are interested in this early-adopter program.

We understand that no two businesses are alike, and that some of our clients use data in ways that present unique challenges that go beyond merely legal advice. To assist them we have established Achieved Compliance, a consulting service to supplement PrivacyMinder’s automated solution. Achieved Compliance can help you develop a business strategy for data governance within your company.

In addition, through Achieved Compliance Ltd., we are offering a representation and defense service in the EU to meet the GDPR’s requirement to maintain a registered EU presence. Click here to learn about our EU representation service.

Visit the Achieved Compliance website and read my piece about the “Genesis of Achieved Compliance and PrivacyMinder“. And if you have any questions or would like to discuss how PrivacyMinder and Achieved Compliance may be able to help your business, please contact me at melise@sequeltechlaw.com.

Please join our blog/newsletter for regular updates from Paula Bruening, Achieved’s Senior Director of Global Privacy Policy. Our aim is to always give you a strong and actionable point of view. As an example, one of our recent blogs “Non-Compliance with EU Law is Still Not an Option” comments on developments here in the U.S. under the new administration.


Achieved Compliance – helping you navigate the complex world of data compliance.

Through its software guided review and remediation process, education tools and representation services, Achieved Compliance makes it possible for companies to take all the steps needed for meaningful compliance that meets regulators’ expectations.

For more information as to how we can help your organization be GDPR compliant please contact info@achievedcompliance.com.