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Train your employees to protect data privacy with easy, on-line courses.

Introduce your employees to the importance of smart data protection with Achieved eLearning’s online courses.
From understanding emerging privacy laws to practical guidance for managing and using personal data, our informative modules
equip your employees to responsibly and legally handle your company’s data.

  • Easy: Understand the key risks in processing personal data.
  • Timely: Stay current with principle GDPR legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Relevant: Learn about practical, responsible data practices.
  • Trackable: Verify your employees’ learning with complete, online documentation.
Educate your workforce about privacy and responsible data practices.

Introduce your employees to the importance of privacy with Achieved eLearning’s 30 minute, online courses. You know the power of data and how important it is to the success of your company. Protecting data isn’t just a matter of compliance, it’s critical to your ability use data to grow your business. Our eLearning modules raise employee awareness of data as an essential business asset, and demonstrate why protecting it and using it responsibly must be the culture of your company.

Learn the principles of GDPR requirements.

Staying abreast of the current and emerging compliance environment is key to making sense of data protection. By outlining the basic requirements of the GDPR in a clear, approachable way, we’ll help your employees understand why day–to-day good practices are key to successful compliance.

Understand the risks of data breach and misuse and how to avoid them.

Even the most responsible companies sometimes hear from regulators. If you do, Achieved Representation Services provides a first line of response, including regulator-requested documentation. Achieved also provides experienced legal support in case of an investigation.

Monitor your employees’ learning with complete, online documentation.

Achieved Compliance provides straightforward, easy-to-use solutions for GDPR and data protection compliance. But if your company is confronted by unique compliance challenges, Achieved Representation’s legal team (in the UK and the US) is ready with its combined 40 years of client counseling and international policy experience to advise and answer your questions.

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