Last fall, the International Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners’ Conference convened in Tirana, Albania. Achieved Compliance once again participated in this annual meeting, which brings together regulators, experts, advocates and practitioners from around the globe. By attending this meeting, Achieved Compliance benefits from the opportunity to understand what concerns data protection authorities and on what issues they will focus their attention over the coming year.

The theme of this year’s meeting was Convergence and Connectivity:  Raising Global Data Protection Standards in the Digital Age. The conference posed the questions – How are laws converging, and what factors are driving convergence? What are the challenges in building more convergence and how do we get there?

By raising these questions, the conference highlighted the global nature of data flows, and data’s potential to support innovation, research, and economic growth.  It recognized the need across all areas of the market for data protection and privacy laws that streamline compliance and do not impede the movement of data.

Conference panelists paid particular attention to accountability, a key requirement of the General Data Protection Regulation and emerging privacy laws around the world. On the second day of the conference, data protection authorities from France and Canada, experts and advocates discussed how organizations comply with accountability requirements, and how regulators enforce them. Significantly, the discussion also considered the importance of accountability in addressing the data protection and privacy concerns raised by emerging technologies and data processing methods, such as artificial intelligence and the applications that support smart cities and smart homes.

Each year the conference releases conference resolutions based on closed-door discussions of the data protection authorities. This year they issued a resolution articulating the conference’s strategic direction for the years 2020-2021. The resolution highlighted the desire to reduce inconsistency among data protection policies around the world.  It outlined several themes that data protection authorities would focus on over the next two years:

  • Developing a narrative on how data protection and privacy regulations protect the public and foster trust in the digital economy;
  • Sharing information and experiences from national initiatives focused on children’s privacy online;
  • Highlighting the relationship of data protection to other rights and freedoms;
  • Identifying common issues around data governance in the public sector and ;
  • Promoting implementation of the 2018 Declaration on Ethics and Data Protection in AI.

Achieved Compliance’s participation in this annual event is one way we work to keep you current on the latest developments in privacy and data protection compliance.

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