Customer Support and Media Manager
Alexandria, VA


A market leader in privacy compliance software and client services seeks a client-focused person to lead,
support, and manage a diverse list of clients seeking to enhance their privacy practices. Achieved
Compliance is at the forefront of simplified, expert tools and legal guidance for businesses with
customers in Europe. Achieved Compliance’s comprehensive set of services and tools brings businesses
into compliance who otherwise would have been at great financial risk.

The qualified candidate possesses above-average communication skills using a variety of technology
tools, including in-person and telecommunications excellence. Additionally, the candidate will be adept
at managing a number of opportunities to support the executives and sales representatives in
onboarding and training clients. Candidates without a zeal for customer service need not apply.

This is an entry-level, contract position with the possibility of converting to an employee; depending on
the individual. Achieved Compliance will train the right candidate. This is an excellent opportunity to
gain practical experience in the growing field of data privacy.
The successful candidate must possess above-average writing skills and working knowledge of Excel,
Powerpoint, WordPress and various communications platforms, such as WebEx, Skype and Slack.



Introduce clients to the Achieved Compliance consulting service and PrivacyMinder™ tool and assist and
facilitate all onboarding procedures. Coordinate calendars, meetings and demonstrations. Assist
partners with implementation of solutions and generate content. Responsible for social media
platforms. Facilitate regular webinars, taping and editing of same, and posting on social media.



Work with sales, marketing, and partners to follow-up on inquiries about our products and services.
Introduce clients to the Achieved Compliance consulting service and PrivacyMinder™ tool. Generate
and execute specialized marketing initiatives to introduce non-privacy professionals to the
PrivacyMinder™ software. Walk clients through necessary documentation about their processing of
personal data. Attend and facilitate live software demonstrations.

Assist and facilitate contract closure and onboarding of new clients. Serve as our clients’ initial point of
contact for our Representation, Implementation and Virtual Data Protection Officer Services.

Conduct regular PrivacyMinder™ software testing and analysis

Supplement our Education and Template libraries with the latest updates and analysis on GDPR, global
privacy, cybersecurity and compliance

Process and catalog all incoming client subject access requests in accordance with the relevant laws.

Identify, build and execute media strategies across all channels on high value segments focused on
improving sales. Create and develop social media content and conduct online marketing. Drive overall
paid media strategy and best practices. Oversee ad and social media campaign structure and
performance. Oversee changes to the website.

Pay: This is an entry-level, hourly position. Pay is commensurate with skills and experience, and hours

Apply to info@achievedcompliance.com

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Achieved Compliance Advocacy, Ltd. and its affiliated company Achieved Compliance Solutions LLC provide end-to-end data protection solutions for businesses of all sizes. We help our clients establish accountability-based data governance that responds to the requirements, regulations, and demands of the data-driven market. As part of its suite of services, Achieved Compliance Advocacy represents companies in the EU as an appointed representative to fulfil General Data Protection Regulation requirements. 

Achieved Compliance seeks an individual in Spain or Germany to act as a customer service liaison with our clients, conduct client intake, check the completeness of processing records, establish a communications protocol, and aid in responding to initial inquiries of European data protection authorities and data subjects on all issues related to client processing of personal data. As part of these duties you will become familiar with each business, its processing records, and with Achieved Compliance’s proprietary platform, PrivacyMinder®, for maintenance and update of processing records. You will work closely under supervision with one of Achieved Compliance’s consultants or attorneys. 

This individual will also attend, as needed, meetings on data protection and privacy convened by European institutions, trade associations and policy development organizations and report on same to our clients. Some office administration will be required.

 This is an entry-level, part-time position. Training will be provided. The successful candidate will have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent, fluency in English and at least one European language, and an interest in data protection. A law degree is not required. Paralegal experience will be helpful. Applicants should be responsive, self-starting and able to work easily in a professional manner across cultures, time zones, and languages. 

Apply to info@achievedcompliance.com

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