The Belgian Data Protection Authority (Belgian DPA) published a review of its activities in the six months since the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect on May 25, 2018. This early report offers a window into the impact of the GDPR on companies, the public and the activity of at least one regulator’s office. 

The review, available in French and Dutch, notes that since the GDPR came into force, the Belgian DPA has received 317 data breaches, most of which were reported from the health care sector, insurance companies, public institutions and defense, telecommunications and postal services, and financial services companies. The Belgian DPA has received 3599 requests for information and 148 complaints. In addition, 2551 organizations have submitted notification that they have appointed a data protection officer since May 25. (Prior to that date, the office had received only 989 such notifications). 

The Belgian DPA has responded to the increased demands the GDPR places on regulators by enlarging its Executive Committee and creating an Investigation and Litigation Chamber. However, members of these groups have not yet been appointed. 

The Belgian DPA indicated that it plans to continue its efforts to raise the awareness of companies and citizens about new rights and obligations created by the GDPR. It plans to publish interviews and informational videos on its website (In French and Dutch) on the GDPR, data subject rights and consent to processing. 

The findings in the Belgian DPA review signal that the GDPR is increasing public awareness of data protection and directing companies’ attention to compliance. We will continue to monitor developments as DPAs manage and direct resources to address this changed environment through enforcement actions, guidance and consultations with companies.  

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